Co-founded by KK Ma and Kelvin Loh, Fitcom Fitness Centre is the first service type gym in Malaysia.

We focus on helping customers starting a healthy fitness lifestyle through more comprehensive methods that target weight loss, fat reduction and muscle building, aided by in-depth nutritional knowledge. With our expert team of more than 10 certified fitness trainers, Fitcom Fitness strives to provide professional guidance at any time to help our members achieve a better and more rewarding fitness lifestyle.

We also provide fitness trainer develop program for those who need to enhance their learning and career development in health & fitness.


Our founders started out as nutritional planners. And as such, their objectives is to help out customer who have health issues and they are also focused on nutrition balance and meal plan.

As they gained more experience throughout the years, they decided to obtain professional fitness coach’s license to further enable their ability in helping their clients achieve an all-around healthy lifestyle, one that includes both good nutrition intake and excellent physical fitness.

With this license, they worked as fitness coaches in a friend’s gym. With the increase in work experience and in-depth understanding of the industry, they decided to open a fitness studio in 2019. Within a year, Fitcom Fitness Centre is in fruition, becoming a gymnasium with friendly and comfortable environment, devoted to help anyone to make a difference in their health through exercise and nutritional intake.


More than 100 people have achieved their desired goals, for either weight gain or fat loss, with a 90% success rate.

Our approach gives you a long-lasting result through a transformed yet sustainable lifestyle.

More than 100 student gain weight and lose fat

Over 308 students in 2019

90% success rate of fat reduction

80% customer return

Develop more than ten trainers a year


Helping people change for better and establish a well-balanced nutrition intake,
robust physical fitness, and active living lifestyle.