Fat Free Mass Index (FFMI) Calculator

calculate your muscle mass percentage

Bmi Value Is Not So Accurate

For people who are doing weight training, BMI is actually not a good measure of obesity. Before going for a health check, the doctor would think that I was a fat person with a BMI of 28, but my body fat was less than 12%. It’s just because of the higher muscle mass, the weight is very high. For people who exercise, the value of FFMI is more important than BMI.

After calculating it, some common problems can be roughly solved including:

  • How fast can I improve?
  • How do I know if I am on the right track?
  • Where is my limit?
  • Which giants are naturally fit?

These problems can be calculated from the value of FFMI. I still have to talk about this first. I don’t want to fight nature or use medicine. I just want to tell you if you are natural, where is your limit and how to use FFMI to arrange yourself Muscle Gain Plan.

FFMI calculation formula = [weight × (100%-body fat percentage)]/ height 2 (m)
After calculating your FFMI, how can you help yourself?

The most important use of FFMI, FFMI is more useful in that it can be used as a level of your muscles

  • The lower the FFMI value, the faster your muscle mass can increase
  • The higher the FFMI value, the slower the increase in muscle mass
Use FFMI to calculate target weight

Then we want to gain muscle smartly by not letting fat grow too fast, because if we suddenly eat too much fat and gain too much, the effect on our male hormones and muscle gain is not good, so we should set a target weight when gaining muscle. The method is to use FFMI for calculation. You can directly use the table below to calculate the target weight.

Use FFMI to calculate target weight formula = [FFMI * height 2 (meters)] / (1 – (body fat / 100)